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Jump to new posts Re: Lucky to get a draw against a much better team! by sixtiesred @ 23 minutes 5 seconds ago

Once again it was amazing how non effective our midfield was as quick as we cleared the defence it came back again and again and again and do I need to go on f ucking terrible midfield performance again !
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Jump to new posts Re: Ludogorets match thread by sixtiesred @ 25 minutes 52 seconds ago

Two class mids and striker urgently needed and we will turn it around imo
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Jump to new posts Re: Do Reds Fans want the poor result to carry on to get BR out by RedsforChampions @ Today at 03:04 AM

Originally Posted By: fazakerley red 1well on BBC 5 live some dont want liverpool to knockout basel , personally i want liverpool to win every game the club is bigger than the manager . No, LFC fans want poor results to stop and this can only happe
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Jump to new posts Re: Interim Suggestions by Top4 @ Today at 12:49 AM

Originally Posted By: Flamesi'd like to see Bolatelli in charge for a month. Now you're talking sense mate.
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Jump to new posts Re: Grobbs attacks BR over Migs by MyKneeGrows @ Yesterday at 11:11 PM

'We play with 11 men, other teams play with 10 men and a goalkeeper' BR on Reina
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Jump to new posts Re: Liverpool-F.C. Basel by Chris2402 @ Yesterday at 10:32 PM

Originally Posted By: fazakerley red 1if you are offered like liverpool have now a home game against basel to qualify you would take it . Exactly, we need to win our last game at home to qualify, you'd have taken that at the start of the group. We
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Jump to new posts Re: Martin Samuel by Stanley Park @ Yesterday at 10:16 PM

If he hates liverpool it shows he is a football fan by definition any true fan hates rivals which is probably why he won the writer of the year he speaks fans language I posted a link to his article today I challenge any honest and true liverpool fan
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Jump to new posts Re: Can our defensive play sink any lower? by Duncan_Donut @ Yesterday at 09:18 PM

Speaking of "Can"... Give the lad a run of games at DM - looks to be one of the positives to come out of the summer spending spree, but over looked time and again.. Strange given he's played well in the little we've seen of him..
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Jump to new posts Re: Time to Sack Rodgers Ass!!! by MyKneeGrows @ Yesterday at 08:52 PM

Originally Posted By: Mr RuddockOriginally Posted By: johnnydramax Sacking is simply deserved for all the resources he has spunked on average players.... Facts are facts as Rafa would put it! 25 players for £212,380,000 http://www.lfchistory.net/Tr
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Jump to new posts Re: How come nobody talks about our Scouting? by imadk @ Yesterday at 08:50 PM

It must be the coaching. All these players can't just turn bad coming here.
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Jump to new posts Re: FSG ready to klopp... by Duncan_Donut @ Yesterday at 06:23 PM

Interesting read.... http://www.teamtalk.com/features/16129/9580328/Klopp-suited-for-Arsenal-or-Liverpool- "With Jurgen Klopp linked with Arsenal and Liverpool, Matt Stanger and Adam Bate present the cases for and against the Borussia Dortmu
Football Discussion
Originally Posted By: lumbaHow Tony can even been considered an option is beyond me..goodnight. Completely agree, there is a reason why he has only managed clubs like Stoke and Palace. The same as there is a reason why players like Lallana and Lam
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Jump to new posts Re: It's all my fault .... by Growler @ Yesterday at 10:31 AM

Who, which, where? Us? In Here?
Football Discussion
I think he will be given a bit of time to turn it around but if this run gets worse and we are right at the bottom of the table I think they will have to react.
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Jump to new posts Re: Stop the new manager talk! by RedsforChampions @ Yesterday at 01:07 AM

Originally Posted By: TheKopProphetWe have to do what the scum did and go out and get a top manager. They tried Moyes - didn't work. We can't go out and get another up and comer like BR (Martinez, Koemann, Pochetino, etc.) - we need someone of Klop
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Jump to new posts Re: Rodgers hints at trouble in the dressing roombbb by MyKneeGrows @ 25/11/14 09:05 PM

Football Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: BR going nowhere by TheKopProphet @ 25/11/14 08:06 PM

Originally Posted By: FlamesOriginally Posted By: harleybrown@BenSmithBBC Lots of questions re Brendan Rodgers' future. I am told it is not even a talking point for #LFC owners. He is their man. Full stop. How does our anthem go again??? it goes &
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Jump to new posts Re: Rodgers needs more time by TheKopProphet @ 25/11/14 07:59 PM

Those 3 attacking mids are all fairly lightweight and offer little in defence, which exposes Gerrard and whoever is in central midfield with him (last time Allen). They also make awful decisions with the final ball, often setting up attacks on the b
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Jump to new posts Re: Music thread! (now epic) by lumba @ 25/11/14 07:23 PM

Will look out for them Del,but in the meantime been shaking it up to this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpWawjVP-lA
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Jump to new posts Re: Jürgen Klinsmann - Just a thought by TheKopProphet @ 25/11/14 06:47 PM

Jurgen loves California and got his dream job coaching the US team. He even turned down Germany for it - so he's not coming to Liverpool.
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Jump to new posts Re: Facts and truth about Rodgers by MyKneeGrows @ 25/11/14 05:51 PM

'Fact- All the teams above us less Manure,chelsea,Man city, n arsenal work with far less resources than us and still dont look anywhere as disastrous as we do' Is this a typo?
Football Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Klopp by wilkij1975 @ 25/11/14 02:39 PM

But it's not about how much you have to spend it's what your restricted to spending it on. I'm not trying to defend Rodgers signings just pointing out that no top class manager would want to come here and be restricted in such ways. And we also don'
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Jump to new posts Re: Harry Beautyman by lumba @ 25/11/14 02:16 PM

Nobody likes a Prettyboy.
Football Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Change and Win by welshredfan @ 25/11/14 12:58 PM

I'm not sure he is capable of changing. Time for him to admit that Gerrard as a defensive midfielder has not worked. Skrtel and Lovren is not a good partnership, Mignolet is not good enough and we can't keep playing our fullbacks like wingers all of
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