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Jump to new posts Re: Welcome and Good Luck to the New Manager by RedScouser @ 5 minutes 31 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: Welsh_WizardSoz mate you don't speak for all Koptalk users. 1) BR has left this club in worse condition than when he arrived so it is hardly good work by BR, when BR joined Suarez and Sterling were already here, what has BR lef
Football Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: New Dawn 2015 by Top4 @ 6 minutes 4 seconds ago

You maybe right RS, every appointment is a gamble, they were certainly coming under the spotlight more but that has continued the last few days with a number of the big newspapers discussing the infamous committee and that it remains in place. I don
Football Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Well, Well... looks like all you Doomers were wrong.... by RedScouser @ 48 minutes 15 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: TheKopProphetFor months we've heard that FSG won't sack BR until he ruins the club - then they'll appoint another up and comer in the same mold. For months we've had to endure the conjectures about Monk, Allardyce, Pardew, etc.
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Jump to new posts When did you last feel this excited about Liverpool FC. by Welsh_Wizard @ Today at 06:38 AM

So when was the last time you all felt this euphoric about a manager and player joining our club? To be honest, people have mentioned Joe Cole and Harry Kewell as being standout moments for our club in other forums, moments when we were all buzzing
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Jump to new posts Re: new manager is to be anouncdd thursday by Welsh_Wizard @ Today at 06:32 AM

10am today for the first words from our savior.
Football Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: klopp dines out :) by Donut @ Today at 06:04 AM

Seriously, there's that many threads there's barely any discussion at the moment.... any conversation gets lost by a barrage of new threads about the same topics.... We've done pretty well without mods, but the thread table could do with a bloody go
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Jump to new posts Re: KLOPP CONFIRMED! by Donut @ Today at 05:58 AM

Originally Posted By: VicdamoneLet's not expect to much against Spurs guys. I've spent the last year not expecting much - I don't care i'm going overboard with positivity win lose or draw!
Football Discussion
Football Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Did BR ever get a song? by Donut @ Today at 04:38 AM

Originally Posted By: Welsh_WizardI have to ask, whenever I went to Anfield I never heard any songs for BR. Even during our season with Suarez I never heard a song for BR. Can anyone correct me if BR did have a song. Season ticket holder???? MY
Football Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Player exits by sixtiesred @ Today at 02:32 AM

Originally Posted By: Welsh_WizardThe only player to go will be BR loyalists. Maybe Joe Allen. hendo migs lovern lallana all br friendly ?
Football Discussion
hopefuuly really big away fan turnout at spuds i think we can beat them especialy with kloppy winding up the fans as he does i hope he gets stuck into those knobs at anfield who sit on thier hands too
Football Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Where were you when ? by Chris2402 @ Yesterday at 11:08 PM

Originally Posted By: kernowredI've never been so excited by a managerial appointment at Anfield.i see this as more than just a top manager coming in.he is the face of the club,the figure head we have needed for years.he will draw players to the club
Football Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Don't get disheartened by Klopp's first signings. by van Gogh @ Yesterday at 10:46 PM

I only have 2 questions about that impressive list: 1. Why no shirt number for Mignolet? 2. Why no positin for Benteke? Else totally agreed!
General Chat
Jump to new posts Re: Mountain walks by lumba @ Yesterday at 08:44 PM

Growlers up them ways,but if you're thinking of kidnapping him to use as your sex slave then I'd think twice because he wrestles like grizzly man bear.
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Jump to new posts Re: Movie thread by Welsh_Wizard @ Yesterday at 08:36 PM

Anyone seen walk in the woods yet?
Football Discussion
Jump to new posts Can we recall Markovic and Illori? by Welsh_Wizard @ Yesterday at 07:44 PM

Normally when you loan a player out you include a clause to recall them if required. Out of the whole squad I look at Markovic and Illori as typical Klopp players even more than Skrtel, Toure, Lallana and Ibe. It would be a shame if Klopp couldn't
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Jump to new posts Re: Music thread! (now epic) by lumba @ Yesterday at 07:36 PM

Football Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Sean O'D and Gary Mc no longer coaches. by wilkij1975 @ Yesterday at 07:35 PM

Originally Posted By: gnp-ukGood They can follow there Shiite manager Brodge To his new club Shut up G. You wwere saying the other 2 were shitte and now these after 2 games? Get a fukking brain. No doubt Klopps assistants will be shitte too whe
Football Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: How many of you thought FSG would appoint a by Welsh_Wizard @ Yesterday at 07:13 PM

I'm still in shock about Klopp. We have put up with mediocre since Paisley, no one has lived up Shanks, Fages or Bob, I think Jürgen Klopp will. Woooo hooooo
Football Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Klopp OUT! by Donut @ Yesterday at 06:25 PM

Originally Posted By: GrowlerOriginally Posted By: DonutOriginally Posted By: GrowlerJust like meself then ey? Quiet, subdued, and NEVER ones to give a personal opinion ey? I like to think of you as a bit of a wallflower, petal. As in, shy, a
Football Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: klopp and defence by RedsforChampions @ Yesterday at 05:18 PM

Originally Posted By: van Goghhttp://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/first-team/195388-10am-friday-reds-call-anfield-press-conference Haha! Think about what would happen if FSG were appointing Gary Monk tomorrow! Well, Wili will go to US to punch some p
Football Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: What next for Rodgers then? by lumba @ Yesterday at 04:56 PM

Originally Posted By: TrueRedI recon he'll star in a remake of 'CHiP's' playing Poncharello.. The shades are awesome....And lets face it,you need em when Brens about. The future is commercials Bren. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKQFrdfjj
Football Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Rooney documentary lessons for LFC fans by Donut @ Yesterday at 04:48 PM

Originally Posted By: lumbaDeffo a Red4life I see what you did there
Football Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: FSG Failing Again? Taking Us For A Ride? by Shaggydog @ Yesterday at 12:24 PM

Originally Posted By: RedsforChampionsOriginally Posted By: ShaggydogOriginally Posted By: RedsforChampionsOriginally Posted By: DarcusBring back Colin Pascoe. We've won nothing since he left. And we won what when he was here? I have it on good a
Football Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Kloppcules by Growler @ Yesterday at 06:17 AM

Originally Posted By: Scouseman8Originally Posted By: DarcusI'd like to see this website renamed as Klopptalk, as a welcome to the new manager. You beat me to it. I've been thinking it too Match days, yea. Rest of the week, Shytetalk.

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